Duncan Grant’s Van Doodles Colouring Book


Duncan Grant: Van Doodles
In the studio

My day job, or more precisely my night job, is working in construction on the roads.

While I’m sitting in my van waiting for materials to arrive or jobs to be finished, I doodle to pass the time.

I doodle when I’m watching the telly and when I’m listening to music. It helps me relax.

When I’ve finished my doodles I colour them in. Most of the ink drawings in my gallery started off as doodles and my winning fabric design for #LibertyOpenCall also started off as a doodle.
Link to my ink drawings

I’ve been asked a few times by different people if I’d produce a book of my doodles that other grown ups could colour in. So here it is – a pad containing 20 of my favourite van doodles to help you unwind or to while away those spare moments.

Colouring books are A4 gummed pads with a cardboard back.  Doodles are reproduced on 160g acid-free paper.


Each book costs £10 plus postage and packing. I’m asking everyone to order and pay online to help with COVID security.

Books will be sent out in packs of one or two, so, for example, if you order 3 or 4  colouring books, you’ll receive 2 small packages and so on.

There are different postage rates (at cost) for domestic and international delivery.

If you know me and live nearby,  please pay here and choose the FREE ‘Buyer to collect’ option and I’ll arrange a COVID secure pick up, or I’ll pop them through your letterbox.

As well as buying a book (or two) I’d really appreciate it if you’d follow me online.  Just add your email to the subscription box on the right (or top of the page on a phone) and then click the link in the automatic email you receive to confirm (may go to spam).  You’ll just receive one email alert each time I add a new post – once every two or three weeks – no junk, no spam, no data collected or sold.

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