Cheesy Bug


Well it’s a woodlouse but in Gravesend we call them ‘cheesy bugs’. Those of you that have been following me on Facebook for a while will know that I’m fascinated by how the names for these prehistoric creatures varies from place to place, even within a few miles, and is a pretty good indicator of where you come from. What do you call them? Well if you’re from a few miles down the road from me in Medway, you might call them Pea Bugs, or if you come from Canterbury, maybe, Monkey Peas.  Other names are slaters (Scotland, Australia and New Zealand), Chucky Pigs (Dorset), Cheesy Bobs (Guildford), sandies (Portsmouth), gramfers (Cornwall), Pill Bugs (US) and so on….. Now that language has become so much more standardised, this is one of the few words that has kept its regional identity. Also, I like it because it’s one of those childhood words – like ‘fay nights’ – that never really makes the dictonaries but is still in common use.

Limited edition (25) lino cut
Hand printed on 300g acid-free paper (A4)
Image size14cm x 10 cm


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