Stag Beetle


Stag beetles used to be a common site across the UK, but like so many other species, they are in decline, mostly because of loss of habitat – many woodlands were sold for development between the wars – and, more recently, with green spaces in towns being given over to housing etc. It is likely too that changes in weather patterns and an increase in populations of predators, such as magpies and crows have also contributed to their demise. You can still see stag beetles where I live in southern Britain but in many places they are extremely rare or even extinct. The People’s Trust for Endangered Species are asking people record stag beetles in the counties on the border of their known range including Cambridgeshire, Devon, Gloucestershire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Yorkshire.

Limited edition (25) lino cut
Hand printed on 300g acid-free paper (A4)
Image size 15cm x 17cm

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