Myths and Legends Series: The Mermaid of Galloway


There are many tales of encounters between humans and mermaids and none of them end well. The Mermaid of Galloway is a famous Scottish tale of a man who captures a mermaid and makes her his wife. But, of course, the ending is far from happy for the young crofter.  In another variation, the mermaid of Galloway lived in a beautiful burn and every evening she would perch on a seat-shaped rock and give medical advice to the people who gathered to ask for her help. But a highly religious woman thought that this was the devil’s work, and, clutching her bible for protection, pushed the mermaid’s seat into the pond. The next evening when the mermaid appeared, she was distressed by the loss of her seat, and cried out, ‘You may look to your empty cradle’. The next morning the religious woman’s baby was found dead.

Ink on A4 acid-free paper




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