Myths and Legends Series: Finn MacCool and the Salmon of Knowledge


When Finn MacCool was a boy he went to live with his tutor, an old man named Finegas,  who had lived by the River Boyne for many years.  Finegas lived there because it was rumoured that a fish called ‘The Salmon of Knowledge’ swam in the nearby river. And it was said, that the first person to taste this salmon would become the wisest person in all Ireland. Fineagas fished in the river every day , hoping that one day he would catch the Salmon of Knowledge. One day, as Fineagas was teaching Finn by the river bank,  he noticed a huge, pink salmon swimming towards them and he rushed to get his net. Once Finegas eventually caught the enormous salmon, he was exhausted and needed to sleep. So he asked Finn to cook the salmon for him but he warned the boy not to taste even the smallest bite of it. But while the fish was cooking, a small drop of hot fish oil splashed onto Finn’s thumb. Finn put his thumb in his mouth to stop it burning but it was too late. Even though Finn had not eaten the salmon, the special knowledge had been given to him and he grew up to become the most able and celebrated of the Fianna warriors.

Ink on A4 acid-free paper.

This picture is currently away  as part of the Stuckist exhibition in Iran.
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