Duncan Grant: About Me

I was born in Gravesend, Kent in 1965 and am proud to be from the bottom right hand corner of Britain, where I still live (and work full-time in the real world).

My style of art is self-taught. I enjoy painting and in my work I try to express the strange goings on inside my head using shape, colour and texture to show my own interpretations of what I see in nature and my own take on everyday life.

My work was described by Iain Sinclair in the London Review of Books as, ‘strobing acrylic pointillism, Aboriginal dots like swimming-pool tesserae, heaving Van Gogh fields under troubled outpatient skies.’

I believe that art should be in the community and part of everyone’s everyday experience and am committed to making exhibition and performance spaces in new public venues such as Cafe No.84 and the Iron Pier Brewery in Gravesend. I’ve also exhibited at the Woodville Halls and the St. Andrew’s Arts Centre in Gravesend and at The Hot Tin arts centre and cafe in Faversham, Kent and run art a printmaking workshops in local venues.

Over the past few years,  I’ve been involved in several collaborative art projects, including production of Hand of Artists playing cards and, last year, a Christmas Card project to raise money for local charities.

In 2018, I was fortunate to win the #LibertyOpenCall  fabric design competition, which resulted in my working with Liberty London  to develop my design into a series of fabrics, which were launched as part of their Spring 19 collection. One of my Liberty fabrics was used by publishers Faber & Faber’s  as the cover for a special edition of Anna Burns’ Booker Prize winning novel Milkman. Last month, local brewery, Iron Pier used some of my art on their new range of canned and bottled beers.

Last month, after many requests, I published my first adult colouring book Duncan Grant’s Van Doodles. A collection of doodles done on my lap in my van, while hanging around waiting at work. If you need a bit of colouring relaxation or know somene who does you can get on here https://duncangrantartist.com/product-category/van-doodles-colouring-book/ or on Amazon and Etsy.

This website is just over a year old now. As well as serving as a showcase for my art, I have tried to develop my blog as a regular feature to showcase some of the wealth of other artistic talent and endeavour that is out there.

I hope you enjoy it.   If you do, please consider following me via the subscription box at the top of the site and then clicking on the email link it generates. More followers drives traffic to the site. I won’t clog up your inbox – just an email when I post a new blog, every two or three weeks – no spam and no data collected. Thank you!

Please do visit my gallery to see all my back catalogue. https://duncangrantartist.com/shop/